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Point Guard Elite Vol. 1 Basketball Coaching DVD

Point Guard Elite Vol. 1 Basketball Coaching DVD
Point Guard Elite Vol. 1 Basketball Coaching DVD

Point Guard Elite Vol. 1 Basketball Coaching DVD
Jason's A-D Shooting is key to becoming a great shooter and point guards must be great shooters. Point Guards will have the ball in their hands at the end of games which can mean last second shots and having to go to the free throw line.

A-D Shooting will make you a more efficient and confident shooter. If you can shoot the basketball well, the defense must play you closer.

This makes you a quicker player off the dribble making getting to the basket easier. A-D Shooting will get your point guards mentally prepared for practice and reinforce proper mechanics.

Basketball is a game of rhythmic footwork patterns and jumping rope reinforces that. Jumping rope will also teach players to stay in proper kinesthetic alignment so they are efficient in all movements on the court.

Jason includes some jump rope drills that work on sticking the ball of your foot into the floor. This will help with acceleration and change of direction on offense and defense. The jump rope drills are a great 5 minute warmup for team or individual practice.

The picutre above is a screenshot from the video. We go above and beyond to breakdown key teaching points of drills which make learning easier. Here is a great example of breaking down a drill. The Rope Throw in real-time is kind of hard to see and learn. We break it down piece by piece with enhanced computer graphics to make learning the move easier. Jason outlines the 6 reasons to dribble as a point guard. The first drills on Volume 1 are stationary.

Jason wants explosive dribbles while maintaing balance. Having great outside the hip handle is vital to being a great point guard and Jason will show you how to handle the ball outside your hip. These just aren't a bunch of drills to fill time. Jason shows how these stationary drills are actually used in game situations.

Jason teaches the key concept of "High Ball in Hand Time". Jason gives you 10 drills that will transfer directly to your movement as an efficient player and the ability to make reads as a point guard. The point guard sets the tone on defense and Jason will cover various ways to make plays on defense. Learn to take a charge, make a player panic and miss a transition layup, and more.

Again, Jason prefaces the drills with the game application of the drill. Jason will give you some fresh drills to do for defense with your players. Lane slides are good, but the drills on the DVD are more game-like and were created by Jason to address common defensive issues coaches have with players. Band resistance is useful for learning to "Punch Through the Defender's Hip".

The bands can help you become more explosive and faster. The drills can be done with two players working together or with a coach or trainer. The item "Point Guard Elite Vol. 1 Basketball Coaching DVD" is in sale since Wednesday, November 21, 2012.

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Point Guard Elite Vol. 1 Basketball Coaching DVD