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J-Glove Basketball Shooting Aid Right Hand Size Large

J-Glove Basketball Shooting Aid Right Hand Size Large
J-Glove Basketball Shooting Aid Right Hand Size Large

J-Glove Basketball Shooting Aid Right Hand Size Large
J-Glove Basketball Shooting Glove - Men's Right Hand, Size Large. The Large Size J-Glove come in BLUE. The J-Glove is the only shooting aid on the market designed to teach a user how to correctly grip, set up, and release a basketball. By promoting proper biomechanics of shooting, the J-Glove uses finger splint design technology in preventing premature finger flexion at the base of the finger joints - which is the #1 reason for improper side to side wrist mechanics during follow through. Additionally, the finger splint design creates absolute perfect shot set up, never allowing the ball to rest on your palm.

The J-Glove is currently being used by multiple top 25 NCAA teams, as well as a multiple NBA, Overseas, and D-League trainers/players. Take control of your follow through and transform your shot into a consistent, flowing, singular motion where all body joints are released in unison. While there are different shooting aids available, many are limited to one area - keeping the ball off your palm region. However, there is not a single shooting aid on the market that focuses on the most important aspect of consistent shooters......

Open-hand, square wrist follow through! For most amateur shooters, the main reason for inconsistent shooting is improper side-to-side wrist flaws during follow through.

If a right-hand player prematurely flexes his/her index finger during follow through (most common), then his/her wrist will finish toward the outside, resulting in the wrist not flexing in a frontal plane. If they prematuraly flex their ring finger, their wrist will finish towards the inside. Where does your wrist finish? Because of its unique finger splint design, the J-Glove prevents finger flexion at the base and middle finger joints (MCP & PIP Joints), thus prventing a player's wrist from finishing to one side during follow through.

Furthermore, the splint design allows while allows complete freedom at the top digt (DIP Joint) so a player can still naturally grip and feel the basketball. Ultimately, this innovative design enables perfect forward hinging motion at the wrist joint, resulting in improved mastery of your shooting mechanics in a matter of weeks. In addition, the glove design develops proper finger separation within your "finger fork", and ensures maximum extension at the wrist joint to create a proper "trigger position". Because of the finger splint design, if the ball is resting on a player's palm, the player's index finger will not be in contact with the ball, thus reinforcing proper shot set up with every repetition. There is not another shooting aid on the market that can promote these same benefits.

By utilizing the J-Glove you will. Prevent finger flexion at the base of your fingers ensuring an open-hand follow through with every repetition.

Eliminate side to side improper wrist mechanics. Ensure maximum extension at the wrist joint during shot set up, resulting in keeping the ball off the mid palm of the hand, and creating more power/arc on your shot. Develop proper finger separation in order to control the basketball.

Re-construct your shooting mechanics of the follow through in a short period of time, while providing you with success and confidence to be a long-term successful shooter. The J-Glove is all about constructing or re-constructing perfect biomechanical shooting mechanics during your shot release and follow through. In most cases, this will involve one of the more difficult training tasks known to humans....

Lessons at camps, and clinics often leave players confused and discouraged, resulting in old shooting habits quickly reverting back. Re-training the brain to discontinue the use of old muscle-memory circuits and to create new muscle-memory circuits is a very time-consuming and repetitive process. Utilizing the J-Glove and "Millennium shooting DVD" repetitively will re-construct your shooting mechanics and follow through in a short period of time, while providing you with success and confidence to be a long-term successful shooter. Sizing: Refer to the sizes below, however, exceptions will occur depending on hand and finger variations of player's body types for their age group.

Also, because of anatomical gender differences, we strongly recommend females ordering size small or medium only. Size Small: Grade school - Jr. High- High School (9th Grade), ages 12-15. Size Large: High School (10th Grade) - College/Pro, ages 16 - up. Size XL: Designed for players with XL hands and wide fingers.

Please note that sizes small and medium are made from the same glove size template, however, differ only in finger elastic width. This is also true with sizes large and XL being made from the same glove size template, and differ only in finger size width.

Testimonials: Don't let the look fool you, the J-Glove really works. It has really helped our players this off-season become aware that they were having follow through problems with their shots. It really forces them into correct shooting positions during the shot set up and their follow through.

" - Josh Pastner (Head Coach Memphis University) "Several of our players at Stanford have used the J-Glove with excellent results. It is a very useful training tool for the player looking to improve both their shot and their percentage. I would recommend it to anyone looking for that extra edge. " - Tara VanDerveer (Head Coach Stanford University- 2-Time National Champs - Olympic Gold medalist) "Though usually skeptical about training aids, the J-Glove was suprisingly very effective for the players we recently had using it during our workouts. It really forces the players to release the ball in the proper manner. It is definitely something we will continue to incorporate into our skill training programs for our guys. I was so impressed by its results, that I even have my two sons (Jordan and Jonah) using it daily as well. " - Phil Mathews (UCLA - Assistant Coach) "The J-Glove is a revolutionary product that increases muscle memory and sensory perception for players at all levels. It is simple to use and through virtual reality, can teach the proper shooting release without a coach being on the floor. With continual repitition, the J-Glove will assist your players in becoming consistent shooters and game changers!

The J Glove works for the National Runner-Up Cardinals, it will work for you too! " - Jeff Walz (Head Coach University of Louisville - 2009 Runner-Up National Champions) "Not only has the J-Glove helped many of our players improve their form and follow through, it was also very useful in helping one of our guys in particular re-train his stroke after wrist surgery in the off season. " - Donny Guerinoni (LSU Men's Basketball Assistant Coach) "What makes the J-Glove such a great and unique shooting tool is that it helps and corrects so many fundamental aspects of the shot without feeling cumbersome on the shooters hand.

Anytime a player can work out with a shooting tool like this, and not feel affected by either thinking about the feel of the glove or compromising the intensity of the workout. You KNOW it is a GREAT product!

Everybody wants to become a better shooter, and that's exactly what the J-Glove can help players achieve. Our program highly recommends it and it really does fix follow through issues immediately! " - Michael Schwartz (Assistant Coach University of Miami Men's Basketball) "The J-Glove helps our players practice shooting correctly until it becomes muscle memory.

In a game I don't wanth them thinking about the mechanics of their shot. I want them to read the defense and take good shots. The J-Glove makes good shots a habit.

Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent. The J-Glove helps our playes shoot consistently perfect! " - Sylvia Crawley Head Coach Boston College University (ACC) "The J-Glove in my humble opinion is the Best Basketball Shooting Training Aid of the New Millennium. The J-Glove sells itself and Jeremy is a tremendous young teacher and coach of the game, evidence by his unique yet effective view on shooting in his shooting DVD. " - Herb Welling (excerpt from his respected b-ball blog) "Jeremy Russotti [J-Glove Inventor] has been training me since I was 13 years of age. I went from a player that first picked up a ball in high school to an NCAA All-American (honorable mention) by the time I left college. His teaching principles and the J-Glove are no doubt some of the main reasons why I was able to continue to play basketball at the professional level. " - Josh Akognon 2009 NCAA Leader 3-Pointers Made - (138), Current Professional B-Ball Player "I recently came across a program that has simply revolutionized my thought process on the proper way to shoot the basketball. The J-Glove is flat out the best shooting tool I've ever seen.

I've been working out one of our players almost every day this spring as he tries to make the transition from a post player to playing on the perimeter. This player has worked his tail off shooting thousands and thousands of shots this spring, but progress and improvement has been relatively slow. After 20 minutes using the J-Glove my player was making over 60% of his shots from all over the floor with range out to 25 feet - a far higher percentage than he had ever shot in previous practice sessions. The rapid shooting gains this player made after just a week of using the J-Glove has made me a strong believer in a number of Coach Russotti's ideas, in particular his concept of premature finger flexion.

" - Geoff Reed: Attack Basketball Blog "That J-Glove is unbelievable! I was skeptical at first but that little glove really fixes problems with player's follow through instantly. Our guys have really gravitated toward it and asking to use it daily. In our league, we need every advantage we can attain. The shooting DVD has principles that I have never seen before but make absolute perfect sense. " - Kevin Mouton: Rice University Men's Basketball Assistant Coach "Jeremy's J-Glove Shooting Aid drastically helped us improve our overall field goal percentage as a team to 51% for the season, and in particular helped two of our players increase their individual percentages by over 12%. It's simple design and high level of comfort make it the best shooting aid I have seen in my 20 years in the business. The perfect training aid for any level! " - John Peterson (Head Coach Ohlone Junior College - Top 10 California JC) "As an engineer and basketball skill trainer, I have an active and well-developed BS-detector which I constantly rely on to filter through all the gimmicks and hype associated with many of the basketball training products on the market these days. I can honestly say that the J-Glove provided the physical aid needed by certain clients to correct specific flaws in their release mechanics which they were not otherwise able to correct.

I have found that some athletes can change the necessary neural circuit firings without the need of an aid, while others have a harder time changing these habitual movements. It's nice to have a device that can provide aid to those that need it. The J-Glove provides the needed constraints that I have been looking for to help reinforce proper shot release mechanics.

Unlike so many other tapes, you slowed the stuff down, and then explained what to do, which truthfully is missing in a way too many of today's "instructional videos". I can't wait to watch the J-Glove Shooting DVD. John Jordan: 21 years Varsity Boys Coach St.

Francis HS (Los Angeles, CA) My son just got the J-Glove and I just can't tell you how much he loves it! You should see him shoot with it!

I always thought he was a pretty good shooter before he got the glove, he is so much more accurate since getting it. Unbelievable how quickly he has shown improvement. We try to get the guys to use them every day in practice. This season we made 312 3-pointers (39.2%). We would like to continue to increase the percentage but keep in mind teams focus a lot more now on defending our shooters so they have to shoot them under more duress and from further out.

Our scores on our shooting drills in practice have gone up across the board and it is in large part attributable to the J-Glove. The item "J-Glove Basketball Shooting Aid Right Hand Size Large" is in sale since Saturday, April 23, 2011. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Team Sports\Basketball\Training Aids". The seller is "www_hoopskills_com" and is located in Lehi, Utah. This item can be shipped to United States, to United Kingdom, to Australia, to China, to Belgium, to France, to Hong Kong, to Ireland, to Netherlands, PL, to Spain, to Italy, to Germany, to Austria, SG, to Switzerland, MY, to Canada.

J-Glove Basketball Shooting Aid Right Hand Size Large